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Guys other idea could be like each and every day new people arrive at our what we can do is that we can use snapdragon API and combine it with google home.So whenever someone comes google home tells us that Mr X is at your doorstep.(KARAN AGGARWAL)

aggarwal2: Ofcourse we need feed data into it...but slowly and gradually it will learn to respond

aggarwal2: Video for snapdragon api is attached below


Jatinder Sir: Nice...

aggarwal2: Just like mark zuckerberg has built in jarvis

Jatinder Sir: Hmm. Let me check it

Jatinder Sir: D-Link DVR camera to Raspberry Pi

Jatinder Sir: We need to research 👆

Karan Chauhan: 👍

Jatinder Sir: Let's say we have a DLink wifi camera and we we want to store it's images and videos on our own cloud. We need to redirect the traffic to Raspberry Pi

Jatinder Sir: Next we need to look into Google Vision API to analyze images.

aggarwal2: Yes sir

Jatinder Sir: Please compare Google Vision with Snapdragon sdk

Jatinder Sir: Google Vision works in Raspberry pi.

Jatinder Sir: on*

Jatinder Sir: This way, we will use existing hardware to make a smart home.

Jatinder Sir: including Google Home

Jatinder Sir: Enviro phat

atinder Sir: Adyn wifi garden sensor

Jatinder Sir: Edyn

Jatinder Sir: Check out this awesome Instructable.

Jatinder Sir:

Jatinder Sir:


Jatinder Sir: Look at this on eBay

jatinder Sir: Is there a way we could make sure that quality if these products is good enough to be production ready ?



Jatinder Sir:

jatinder Sir: There is a person in Karnataka who designs PCB board using esp. He uses standard relays with esp chip. Not sure if board needs to be ISI approved. Jatinder Sir: Infact I didn't see isi on any of the home automation product

Jatinder Sir:

Jatinder Sir: As mentioned, I am doing RnD on OpenHAB. If everything goes well, we will get one very competitive edge and we will get a very good direction. Will update you on Monday.

aggarwal2: Ok sir

Jatinder Sir: For any home automation, you need a bridge/gateway and products attached to it.

Jatinder Sir: Gateway is brain of entire system. Though with every gateway only supported products of that similar company can be attached.

Jatinder Sir: For example. With Samsung bridge , you will attach Samsung products only. It will not support Philips

Jatinder Sir: I am trying to make my own gateway using OpenHAB which would provide integration with most of different products. This is the purpose of OpenHAB.

Jatinder Sir: So, briefly we will have full control over brain of house.

Jatinder Sir: We can attach Philips, samsung products etc. If you like bulb of Philips and motion sensor of samsung, just go ahead and buy it. You don't need to buy Philips and samsung gateway/bridge. It will be our bridge which will provide integration with both Philips bulb and samsung motion sensor. So, you are giving choice to users thus keeping brain/software in your hands

Jatinder Sir: You need to do lot of programming and understand openhab. I hope I am able to do initial integration.

Jatinder Sir: In US thousands of people are struggling with this issue. We will be able to provide solution to them.

Jatinder Sir: We will also continue with our discussion and plan that we have decided for Monday.

Jatinder Sir: It supports IFTTT as well


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*audio by sir will be uploaded soon*