Raspberry pi 2 model b (karan chauhan)

Rasberry pi camera module (karan chauhan)

Ai thinker A6(gsm/gps) chip + antenna (karan chauhan given by sir)

NodeMcu board with esp12 (karan chauhan)

Songle 4 Relay module (karan chauhan)

Plotech bluetooth usb module (karan chauhan)

4*(Xbee chip model xbee2 (karan chauhan))

temperature and humidity sensor (karan chauhan)

voltage controller w503 (karan chauhan)

FTDI232 (karan chauhan)

Esp8266(karan chauhan)

6*Soldering iron (karan chauhan)

4*Plc development board (karan chauhan)

Robotic kit (development software + components) (karan chauhan)

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